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As a consulting researcher, I work in close partnership with clients to design research projects that advance their organization or agency's mission and inform approaches to policy and programs.


I use qualitative social science methods that are research-based, intentional, and grounded in the power of participatory engagement. I create and hold space for people to share knowledge, experience, and insights. I use directed and skillful facilitation to collect data in service of the advancement and impact of my clients' work.


My customized services include

- designing data collection tools and approaches

- conducting interviews

- facilitating listening sessions and focus groups

- conducting literature reviews, precedents, or case studies

- organizing and analyzing data

- writing findings

- sharing recommendations and insights

- workshop and meeting facilitation


Qualitative research helps us better understand attitudes, values, mindsets, approaches, perspectives, and motivations in people. These learnings help clients advance their goals in meaningful ways.

Current and Past Projects & Partnerships


  • Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE)

    • Compiled and analyzed data about sustainability and water use in wineries in Oregon 

    • Read the article about this work in the Grapevine Magazine

  • Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District, Molalla Drinking Water Project

    • Conducted interviews with rural residents about watershed health in their region of Oregon

  • 4 Revolutions Co-Creative Ecosystem Group-

    • Conducted sustainability research and developed case studies about innovative practices in water resource management in North America as part of a global research initiative


A selection of projects as an Associate Consultant with Dialogues In Action-

  • Pew Charitable Trusts, Wildlife Crossings as a means of Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystem Resilience

    • Facilitated a 2-day workshop for expert scientists 

  • American Farmland Trust, Transforming Agriculture for Resiliency Project

    • Facilitated group listening sessions and conducted interviews with diverse farmers across North America supporting to increase understanding in decision making, motivations, challenges and barriers, and hopes for the future of farming

  • American Farmland Trust, Virginia

    • Facilitated group listening sessions and conducted interviews with farmers in Virginia about conservation practices and motivations for stewarding their land

  • Metro Parks and Nature Bond

    • Guided regional government staff in a participatory design of an evaluation framework to measure progress in meeting the bond criteria of improved Community Engagement, Racial Equity, and Climate Resilience. Piloted evaluation projects for six Metro program areas. 

    • Conducted pilot evaluation projects for Metro Parks and Nature program departments

  • City of Eugene, Community Safety Initiative

    • Guided participatory evaluation process with teams of city staff members from five department to measure outcomes from the tax payer funded Community Safety Initiative 

  • Oregon Department of Education- Career Connected Learning-

    • Conducted research through focus groups and interviews with educators across the state to add understanding to current state and future goals for CCL in Oregon. Facilitated teams of educators in designing approaches and tools to advance CCL going forward. 

  • New York City Civic Corps, Impact Evaluation

    • Conducted interviews with NYC Services alum to understand the impact of the Americorps program on host sites and program participants. ​

  • Multnomah County Preschool for All Initiative, Process Evaluation

    • Conducted interviews with a diverse group of Multnomah County community members who contributed to the successful outcome of a ballot initiative that funded universal preschool.

  • Project Impact - various non-profit organizations

    • Coached multiple teams of non-profit staff through Dialogues in Action's Project Impact. Through this 8-month participatory, capacity-building program, staff design and deploy data collection methods to understand their impact on their community. 


As a Research Assistant with Portland State University-

  • Clackamas River Water Providers, Clackamas River Watershed Resilience Project

    • Conducted stakeholder engagement as part of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at Portland State University. The purpose of the project was to increase understanding of future climate change impacts to the health the watershed, an important resource for drinking water, wildlife habitat, irrigation, and recreation. 

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