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As an independent consultant in research, evaluation, and facilitation, I work in close partnership with clients to help advance their missions and inform approaches to policy and program decision-making.


I use qualitative social science methods that are research-based, intentional, and grounded in the power of participatory engagement. I create and hold space for people to share knowledge, lived experiences, and insights. I use directed and skillful facilitation to collect data in service of the advancement and impact of my clients' work.


My customized services include

- designing data collection tools and research approaches

- conducting interviews

- facilitating listening sessions and focus groups

- conducting literature reviews, precedents, or case studies

- organizing and analyzing data

- writing findings

- sharing recommendations and insights

- workshop and meeting facilitation

- climate-resilient landscape master planning


Qualitative research helps us better understand attitudes, values, mindsets, approaches, perspectives, and motivations in people. These learnings help clients advance their goals in meaningful ways.

A Selection of Projects & Partnerships


  • Clackamas River Water Providers, Stakeholder engagement, Watershed & climate resilience project 

  • Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District, Safe drinking water project

  • Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE), Oregon wine industry, Water use in wineries. Read the article about this work in the Grapevine Magazine

  • Remy Wines, Climate-resilient master planning project

  • 4 Revolutions Co-Creative Ecosystem Group, Water & sustainability case study project​

  • Pew Charitable Trusts, Workshop facilitation, Climate change adaptation & ecosystem resilience​

  • American Farmland Trust, Transforming Agriculture for Resiliency Project (TARp)*​

  • American Farmland Trust, Understanding conservation easements in urban settings*

  • American Farmland Trust, Conservation practices of Virginia farmers*​

  • Metro Regional Government, Parks and Nature Bond, impact evaluation* 

  • City of Eugene, Community Safety Initiative impact evaluation*​

  • Oregon Department of Education, Research & facilitation for statewide career-connected learning initiatives*​

  • New York City Civic Corps, Impact evaluation*​

  • Multnomah County Preschool for All Initiative, Process evaluation*

  • United Way of Lower Mainland British Columbia, Participatory impact evaluation* 

  • L'Arche USA, Participatory impact evaluation* 

* this work was done as Associate Consultant with Dialogues in Action, LLC

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