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“You get the abundance by living and find the coherence by writing."

- Kim Stafford

My research is driven by a desire to deepen understanding of the relationships between people and place. My practice is to go out in the world... to ask questions, to listen, to explore and discover. My approach is inspired by historian Jill Ker Conway’s description of her research pursuits:

“The kinds of cultural documents I wanted to study...they aren’t in archives, but in people’s minds and imaginations.” 


My fieldwork includes inquiry into geography, ecology, culture and history. This outward exploration is followed by time to turn inward, to reflect, to make sense of complex concepts and contexts, and eventually to write. To tell a story.

I work independently and as part of multi-disciplinary collaborative teams conducting social-science research in applied, real-world settings. My research addresses complex social and environmental issues related to climate  change, land and water conservation, and sustainable outcomes for rural communities. 

You can read my research field work blog in Tasmania in 2018 here.


Encountering a wombat in Tasmania, Australia 2018

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