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Derwent Valley and Mount Field National Park

The Derwent Valley is northwest of Hobart and is home to a small number of wineries some of which are well known. I stopped by one, and then drove out to Mount Field national park. The winery was actually over a hundred years old, which is pretty rare in this area. They grow the grapes and make the wines at the their onsite winery (Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sparkling Pinot/Chard). I was a little shocked to learn the kid (literally) working in the tasting room was 17, but apparently you can get licensed to pour before you are legal drinking age (18). Irrigation is a must for these vines, and water access isn't a big deal in the Derwent because most comes from the giant river. I will return later in my trip to interview a few winemakers/owners up here to get more details. Checked out the Agrarian Kitchen, which is a pretty special farm-to-table restaurant and cooking school (lamb tartare, calamari pasta with foraged herbs, sparkling Tas wine..yum). Followed up by a hike at Mount Field- beautiful waterfalls, giant gum trees the size of the northern California redwoods, and I encountered an ECHIDNA!! Egg laying mammal, with quills. Related to the playtypus. Shy, anteater. I was thrilled. A few photos also show how this is a fire landscape. The wetter areas of the forest have lots of giant tree ferns, the upper elevations were drier and showed evidence of past fires.


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