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Way down south to Ida Bay

Thursday I had a free day with no interviews scheduled, so I decided to take a drive to an area I hadn't explored yet on the island... the end of the road in the SW. First I drove south to Peppermint Bay for a lunch at the hotel that is hyper-focused on locally sourced food and drink (the picture below of tap handles is all island-produced drinks). I had a lamb rosemary pie, local greens and glass of Tas sparkling wine. I continued around the curvy route of the peninsula up through Cygnet, which was an attractive little town with a bustling main street. That peninsula has lots of apples and other orchards, plus a few vineyards. Also great names, like Eggs and Bacon Bay. When I reached Huonvillle I headed south to the end of the road at Ida Bay. The roads were basically empty the entire way (common, I find, when I get out of Hobart). There was no one around when I reached the road's end. I took a quiet bush walk on a trail that eventually led to an old railroad line. I was trying to see the ocean, and found a clearing with some views. In it was a small, old graveyard with three family gravestones from 1888, 1890 and 1895. Two brothers and a woman (maybe mother, maybe aunt to the boys?), the boys were both teenagers. The commemorations for the boys were erected by their brothers. It was a beautiful spot, very quiet and peaceful... a little eerie to encounter. I hiked out and drove back to Hobart, entertained by gorgeous rainbows the entire way thanks to rapidly changing wild weather.


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