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Friday fun day

Ok, actually today was full of interviews and meetings, but it was really fun! I headed down to the harbor to conduct an interview with a water planner at DPIPWE (department of primary industries, parks, water and the environment). It was really informative and I learned a lot of new bits about Tassie and water governance. Very helpful! Afterward I popped into the second half a community input session hosted by the DPaC (department of premier and cabinet) Climate Change agency folks. They were soliciting public feedback regarding revisions to their state-wide climate action plans. Interesting stuff. Afterward walking on the wharf, I ran into two people I interviewed earlier in my trip, was introduced to a key person to interview to get some local government perspectives, and was invited to a BBQ tomorrow night. That is very Hobart. A city that feels like a small town. My awesome airbnb host invites me downstairs to her place for a "cuppa" (tea) or a glass at a local wine bar regularly. I find Hobart-ians to be extremely laid back and very kind. Speaking of kind, I had a late afternoon interview at a winery up the Derwent River. The winemaker/owner/farmer has been biodynamically farming his vineyard and making wine there for almost 30 years. He contributed a lot of new information regarding water and climate adaptation. Plus he was super kind. And his wines were lovely.


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