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Hobart scenes

A number of days of my field work is filled with interviewing people in government agencies dealing with water, climate change and agriculture (not a ton of photo opps). I also have been meeting with some academics on the University of Tasmania campus, as well as some of my colleagues working on the Wine Climate Futures project at the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre. Their offices are down on the waterfront in Salamanca Place. I like to walk to these meetings in the city. Less worrying about parking and more time to contemplate our interview content. My apartment is in West Hobart, which means you can encounter some giant hills. Reminiscent of SF for me. Here are a few pics to share the flavor of the city. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania. It has about 220k inhabitants. The architecture is often stone and if old enough, Georgian in style. Many of the older building were built by convict labor, back when the island was a penal colony called Van Deimen's Land. Now Hobart is very proud of its farm-to-table food scene, it's natural beauty. It feels pretty quiet, but does get over a million tourists a year. It's spring, and there are many deliciously aromatic plants in bloom. The air is incredibly fresh. The stars are very bright, even in the city. The weather changes by the minute. The clouds and sky can be quite beautifully dynamic.


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