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Huon Valley Weekend

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Over the weekend, I headed south to the Huon Valley. It is an agricultural area known for fruit orchards and vineyards. I went on a bush walk in the morning to see Snug Falls. Then I met up with one of my research mentors in Tasmania, Bec, and her husband and teenage girls, plus their friends with two teenage boys. We went to Willie Smith's Apple shed- a local cider company and distillery. We sampled the ciders (proceeds going to support drought aid for Australian farmers that weekend) and listened to some local music. I was impressed by the giant display of heirloom variety apples they grow for their ciders. Later I headed a few miles away to meet a friend on her little farm. She has acquired 21 alpacas (!) since my last visit. This inner southwest region of the island is known for being wetter than the central and eastern regions. In talking with vineyard owners down here, they need to irrigate less than other areas.


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