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Ramping up

The past few days have been busy with interview scheduling and coordination. Lots of time dedicating to networking and email outreach. Two interviews were completed today down at the University of Tasmania Climate Research Institute. I've added a few pics from that area in Hobart, on the waterfront in the Salamanca neighborhood. I'm arranging for a number of interviews next week as well. Tomorrow is a state holiday "Royal Show Day" which sounds like a state fair on steroids. No one goes to work, and most people take Friday off too. I'll be attending and will post plenty of pics. In reviewing the "highlights" on their website (see below), the lineup leads one to think that it should be quite entertaining. Otherwise I've been exploring some nearby areas, yesterday Kingston Beach and Blackman's Bay- both on the River Derwent estuary, south of Hobart. The water is aqua-marine, looks very much like the ocean. The day was blustery and beautiful. I found a bluff walk along the ocean, and a great little spot taste some Tasmanian sparkling wine.

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